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WARNING: fraudulent advertisements!

When you are looking for student accommodation, beware of fraudulent advertisements on the internet. Fake landlords are renting out non-existent accommodation. Other imposters use stolen identities to rent out existing accommodation. They target international students in particular. We certainly don’t want to scare you off but we want to advise you to be cautious. Never pay a deposit before signing the contract and being 100% sure the accommodation exists and is for rent. Always ask for the landlord’s personal information (name, surname, phone number and a photocopy of his/her ID). Double check the provided address on Google maps to see if it exists. If you notice any suspicious advertisements or if you become a victim of a scam, please be sure to report this to the local police.

Finding student accommodation in Ghent

Ghent is a popular city amongst both national and international students. The student population is increasing year by year, but the amount of accommodation unfortunately isn’t. Because of that, finding accommodation can prove challenging, especially for international students who plan a shorter stay. Keep this in mind when making preparations. Broaden your search, don’t just look for student housing but explore the private and co-housing market as well.

Rental agreements

Renting out student accommodation to an international student is as easy as to a Belgian student. Many landlords in Ghent are still unaware of this. The student housing rental agreement is the same type of agreement for both international as domestic students. International students, however, are lawfully obliged to put their temporary residence on the address of the student accommodation. There are absolutely no (legal) consequences for landlords. 

To make sure that the landlord as well as yourself have everything legally arranged, the following needs to be added in the rental agreement: the use of the accommodation has to be explicitly defined as a limited stay for the period of your studies. Your actual domicile will remain the address in your home country. Your home address has to be included in the agreement.

In case you meet a landlord who has questions or concerns about renting to international students, advise him to contact Kotatgent.

Flemish Housing Rental Decree

Concluding a student tenancy agreement may give rise to a wide number of questions: which elements need to be included in the tenancy agreement? What is the term of the tenancy agreement? How are the rent and the costs and charges determined? What kind of rental guarantee is the landlord entitled to demand? Is the student allowed to terminate the tenancy agreement early? What to do in a conflict between the landlord and the student?

The brochure 'The Flemish Housing Rental Decree for student tenancy agreements concluded from 1 january 2019' provides answers to all these questions. It serves as a guideline for the current law concerning student accomodation.