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International student

About 5% of the population of Ghent is made up of international students. Unlike Belgian students, international students rarely commute and the student residence or kot is where they live day in, day out. With the exception of Benelux students (students from Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), international students are officially domiciled in student housing. These, at first sight, small differences make a big difference to the rules on housing international students.

For this reason, we go even deeper into these subjects.

Before you begin to search

It’s a good idea to look at our advice page before you sign a contract and before the search for a good place to live begins.

Between a kot and a problem home

How do you recognise a good kot, what kind of place should you (not) rent and what do you do if there are problems?

Registration in het city

Every person without the Belgian nationality who is coming to Belgium in order to study, must have a student residence permit. Want to know more about this subject?

Living in a community in Ghent

Living together in a community is not always as straightforward as it seems.


Do you need to pay tax when you rent in Ghent? Make sure you don’t pay any extra costs.

Students in Ghent

This website is not just for Belgian students. It also has a lot of information that you, as an international student, will find interesting.

Find a kot (room or studio) using our search engine

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